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District of Columbia Boards and Commissions

Here is a list of District boards and commissions. You can also research boards and commissions using the board name, or the DC Official Code citation or the Mayor’s Order number which is shown below. You can also see the OBC application requirements.

If you have any problems, call the Office of Boards and Commissions at (202) 727-1372 or send an email to boards.commissions@dc.gov.

Name of Board, Commission, Committee, Council or Task Force Point of Contact

Established by Mayor's Order or Official Code

Accountancy, Board of Lori Fowler 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Acupuncture, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03
African Affairs, Commission on Ngozi Nmezi 2-1393 2-1395
African-American Affairs, Commission on Marcus Allen 3-1441 3-1441
Age-Friendly DC Task Force Gail Kohn 2013-172 2013-172
Aging, Commission on Dr. John M. Thompson, FAAMA 7-504.01 7-504.10
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board) Martha Jenkins, Esq. 25-201 25-201
Anesthesiologist Assistants, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Apprenticeship Council Jamell A. Thrower

Public Law 387


Architecture and Interior Designers, Board of Jason Sockwell 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Armory Board Major General Errol R. Schwartz 3-302 3-302
Arts and Humanities, Commission on the Victoria Murray Baatin 39-203 39-204
Asian and Pacific Islander Community Development, Commission on Andrew Chang 2-1374 2-1374
Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.18 3-1202.18
Barber and Cosmetology, Board of Cynthia Z. Briggs 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC) James (Jim) R. Sebastian, AICP 50-1604 50-1604
Boxing and Wrestling Commission Skip Brown 3-604 3-606
Bullying Prevention Task Force, Mayor's Suzanne Greenfield 2012-150 2012-150
Cable Television Public Access Corporation Board of Directors Nantz Rickard, Esq. 34-1253.02 34-1253.02
Caribbean Community Affairs, Mayor's Advisory Commission on Marcus Allen 2012-127 2012-127
Chesapeake Bay Program Citizens Advisory Committee Jessica Blackburn Bylaws Bylaws
Chesapeake Bay Program Local Government Advisory Committee Jessica Blackburn Bylaws Bylaws
Chesapeake Bay Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee Natalie Gardner Public Law
93-198 &
O.C. 1-204.22(2)
2004 Bylaws
Child Abuse and Neglect, Mayor's Advisory Committee on (MACCAN) Michele Rosenberg 88-262
Child Fatality Review Committee (CFRC) Tracie Martin 4-1371.03 4-1371.03
Child Support Guideline Commission Ms. Cory M. Chandler, Esq. 16-916.02 16-916.02
Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation Board of Directors (CYITC) Ed N. Davies DC Law 13-38  
Chiropractic, Board of Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.16 3-1202.16
Citizen Review Panel: Child Abuse and Neglect Ransom Washington, Jr. 4-1303.51 4-1303.51
Commemorative Works Committee Chris Shaheen 9-204.12 9-204.13
Commission for National and Community Service (Serve DC) Jeffrey Richardson 2013-171 2013-171
Commission on HIV/AIDS, Mayor's Wanda Lockridge 2013-126 2013-126
Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force Allison Ladd 6-1051 6-1052
Concealed Pistol Licensing Review Board Gitana Y. Stewart-Ponder, Esq. D.C. Act 20-0447 D.C. Act 20-0447
Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings, Board for the Todd Starke 6-902 6-902
Construction Codes Coordinating Board Paul Waters, Esq. 2009-22 2009-22
Contract Appeals Board Richard K. Rothchild, Esq. 2-360.01 2-360.03
Corrections Information Council (CIC) Cara Compani, Esq. 24-101a  
Dentistry, Board of Dr. Vito R. DelVento 3-1202.01 3-1202.01
Destination DC (Washington DC Convention and Tourism Corporation) Crispus Gordon, III Bylaws Bylaws
Developmental Disabilities Fatality Review Committee (DD FRC) Tracie Martin 2009-225 2009-225
Developmental Disabilities State Planning Council (DD Council) Mathew (Mat) McCollough 2009-165 2009-165
Dietetics & Nutrition, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.02 3-1202.02
Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board Tracie Martin 16-1052 16-1052
Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) Donna Scheeder 37-111 37-111
Education Licensure Commission (ELC) Angela Lee 38-1303 38-1307
Education (SBOE), State Board of Jesse B. Rauch 38-2651 38-2652
Educational Opportunity for Military Children State Council, District of Columbia Sandra Schlicker, PhD    
Elections, Board of Clifford D. Tatum, Esq. 1-1001.03
Emancipation Commemoration Commission

Cynthia Brock-Smith

2008-37 2008-37
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee (EMSAC) Cynthiana Lightfoot 7-2341.22 7-2341.22
Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA), Board of Darrin Sobin, Esq. 1-1162.02 1-1162.02
Fashion Arts and Events, Commission on Connie Boddie 3-651 3-653
Financial Literacy Council Idriys J. Abdullah 38-731.03 38-731.05
Funeral Directors, Board of Kevin Cyrus 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Affairs, Advisory Committee to the Office of (GLBT) Sterling Washington 2-1382
Green Buildings Advisory Council William (Bill) Updike 6-1451.09 6-1451.09
Health Benefit Exchange Authority Executive Board (HBX) Sandra Robinson 31-3171.05 31-3171.06
Health Information Exchange Policy Board (HIE) Cleveland Woodson 2012-24 2012.24
Healthy Youth and Schools Commission Nancy Katz 38-827.01 38-827.01
Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) David Maloney 6-1103 6-1103
Homeland Security Commission Nicole A. Chapple 7-2271.02 7-2271.03
Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Hammere Gebreyes 6-211 6-211
Housing Finance Agency Board of Directors Allison Ladd 42-2702.02  
Housing Production Trust Fund Board (HPTF) Beatrix D. Fields, Esq. 42-2802.01 42-2802.01
Human Rights, Commission on Monica Palacio 2-1404.01 2-1404.02
Humanities Council Joy F. Austin Bylaws Bylaws
Industrial Trades, Board of Pamela Hall 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council Connie Boddie 2014-139 2014-139
Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) Kerda DeHaan 2012-49 2012-49
Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) Darrell Cason 4-752.01 4-752.02
Interfaith Council, Mayor's Dexter Nutall 2011-110 2011-110
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Carlton Haywood 8-1601 8-1602
Judicial Disabilities and Tenure, Commission on Cathaee Hudgins 1-204.31(d)(1)
Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC) Kim M. Whatley 1-204.34 1-204.33
Juvenile Abscondence Review Committee Adam Aljoburi, Esq. 16-2333.02 16-2333.02
Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG) Bridgette D. Royster 2009-13 2009-13
Latino Community Development, Commission on Roxana Olivas 2-1321 2-1330
Library Trustees, Board of Gary Romero 39-101 39-104                
Long-Term Care Administration, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.05 3-1202.05
Marriage and Family Therapy, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.17 3-1202.17
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, Commission on the Sharon D. Anderson 2013-243 2013-243
Massage Therapy, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.15 3-1202.15
Medicine, Board of Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Metabolic Disorders, Committee on Yvockeea Monteiro 7-835 7-836
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors (MWAA) Quince T. Brinkley, Jr. 9-1006    
U.S.C. 49106
U.S.C. 49106
Metropolitan Washington Regional Ryan White Planning Council Lamont Clark, MBA 2003-175       
Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Commission (MVTPC) Tykisha McCray 3-1352 3-1354
National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) Deborah Young 2-1002 2-1002
Naturopathic Medicine, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Notaries Public Board of Review   2411.1 2411
Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation Board of Directors (known as UMC, United Medical Center) Natalie C. Williams 44-951.02 44-951.05
Nursing, Board of Karen V. Scipio-Skinner, MSN, RN 3-1202.04 3-1202.04
Occupational, Safety and Health Board (OSHA) Mohammad R. Sheikh 32-1105 32-1105
Occupational Therapy, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.06 3-1202.06
Office of Administrative Hearings, Advisory Committee to the (OAH) Brian Flowers 2-1831.17 2-1831.17
Office of Boards and Commissions (OBC) David J. Walker    
Office of Employee Appeals (OEA) Lasheka Brown Bassey, Esq. 1-606.01 1-606.01
Open Government Advisory Group Brian Flowers 2014-250 2014-250
Optometry, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.07 3-1202.07
Pedestrian Advisory Council Marlene Berlin 50-1931 50-1931
People's Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye, Esq. 34-804 34-804
Persons with Disabilities, Commission on

Kali Wasenko, MSW

2009-165 2009-165
Pharmacy, Board of Patricia (Trish) M. D'Antonio, RPh, MS, MBA, CGP 3-1202.08 3-1202.08
Physical Fitness, Health, and Nutrition, Mayor's Council on Amelia Peterson-Kosecki, MS, RDN, LD 7-121 7-122
Physical Therapy, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.09 3-1202.09
Physician Assistants, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Podiatry, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.10 3-1202.10
Police and Firemen's Retirement and Relief Board (PFRRB) Lela R. Jones 5-722 5-721
Police Complaints Board Christian J. Klossner 5-1104 5-1104
Police Officers Standards and Training Board (POST) Laura Wagman 5-107.03 5-107.04
Polysomnography, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Pretrial Services Agency Executive Committee Pamela R. Hall 23-1304  
Professional Counseling, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.13 3-1202.13
Professional Engineering, Board of Lori Fowler 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Psychology, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.11 3-1202.11
Public Charter School Board (PCSB) Scott Pearson 38-1802.14 38-1802.11
Public Charter School Credit Enhancement Fund Committee Katherine Cox established by Act in 1995  
Public Defender Service Board of Trustees Ms. Avis E. Buchanan 2-1603 2-1603
Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Keturah D Harley, Esq. 1-605.01 1-605.02
Public Service Commission (PSC) Tiffany A. Frazier 1-204.93 1-204.93
Public Space Committee Catrina Felder 2009-114 2009-114
Real Estate Appraisers, Board of Leon Lewis 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Real Estate Commission Leon Lewis 47-2853.06 47-2853.08
Real Property Tax Appeals Commission (RPTAC) Carlynn F. Jenkins, Esq. 47-825.01a 47-825.01a
Recreational Trails Advisory Committee Heather Deutsch 96-84             
Re-Entry and Returning Citizen Affairs, Commission on Charles Thornton 24-1303                        
Rental Housing Commission LaTonya Miles 42-4012            
Respiratory Care, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.14 3-1202.14
Retirement Board Deborah Reaves 1-711 1-711
Review for Anti-Deficiency Violations, Board of Takiea Ferguson 2003-156 2003-156
Saint Elizabeths Redevelopment Initiative Advisory Board (SERI Board) Catherine V. Buell 2012-21 2012-21
Science Advisory Board Herbert Thomas 5-1501.11 5-1501.12
Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges of the Office of Administrative Hearings, Commission on Wanda Tucker 2-1831.06 2-1831.06
Selective Service System (SSS) Margaret Stilke Federal Agency  
Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission Barbara Tombs-Souvey 3-101 3-101.01
Social Work, Board of Robin Y. Jenkins 3-1202.12 3-1202.12
State Advisory Panel on Special Education (SAPSE) Desiree Brown 2012-48 2012-48
State Early Childhood Development Coordinating Council (SECDC) Rachel Molly Joseph 38-271.07 38-271.07
State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC) Dr. Juanita Y. Reaves 2011-147 2011-147
State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) Erin Leveton 2001-173 2001-173
Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) Mr. Amha Selassie 44-403 44-403
Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) Andrew Reese 2001-79 93-148         
Surgical Assistants, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Sustainable Energy Utility Advisory Board (SEU Advisory Board) Lynora Hall 8-1774.03 8-1774.03
Task Force to Combat Fraud Brenda Berkley 2013-096 2013-096
Taxicab Commission Juanda Mixon 50-304 50-307
Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation Board of Directors   7-1831.03 7-1831.03
Trauma Technologist, Advisory Committee on Dr. Jacqueline A. Watson, MBA 3-1202.03 3-1202.03
Uniform Law Commission (ULC) James C. McKay DC Law 18-313                    
United Planning Organization Board of Directors (UPO) Mr. Dana M. Jones Commissioner Order 69-7 2012 Bylaws
University of the District of Columbia, Board of Trustees (UDC) Beverly Franklin 38-1202.01 38-1202.06
Veterans Affairs, Advisory Board on Matthew (Matt) Cary 2001-92 2001-92
Veterinary Medicine, Board of Dr. Vito R. DelVento 3-1202.21 3-1202.21
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Site Reuse Advisory Committee   10-1906 10-1906
Washington Convention and Sports Authority Board of Directors (Events DC) Sean Sands 10-1202.05 10-1202.06
Washington Convention Center Advisory Committee (WCCAC) Theresa DuBois 10-1202.18 10-1202.18
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Board of Directors (WMATA) Richard Sarles Public Law              
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission (WMATC) William S. Morrow, Jr. Public Law              
Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors (DC Water) Linda R. Manley 34-2202.04 34-2202.05
Women, Commission for Latisha R. Atkins, J.D. 3-702 3-703
Workforce Investment Council (WIC) Kermit Kaleba 2011-114 2011-114
Zoning Adjustment (BZA), Board of Clifford Moy 6-641.07 6-641.07
Zoning Commission Sharon Schellin 6-621.01 6-621.01