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Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments

Direct Mayoral Appointments vs. Appointments That Require Council Confirmation

Direct Appointments

The Mayor, by issuance of a Mayor’s Order, makes appointments to 79 District boards and commissions without any need for action by the Council of the District of Columbia. Once the MOTA staff, working with the appropriate administrative agency, receives the completed application, our team processes the package and reviews the resume, biography, or curriculum vitae to verify the candidate’s eligibility. As certain boards and commissions have a limited number of seats or require a person with a specific skill set, an applicant may be required to have an interview before receiving approval, for consideration by the Mayor.

Council Confirmed Appointments

For boards and commissions requiring action by the District of Columbia City Council, there are legislative measures based on District Law and the statutory authority measures that must be met before the Mayor’s nominee can be confirmed. Once the Council confirms a nominee, the Mayor can issue a Mayor’s Order and swear-in the appointee. Most boards and commissions have defined schedules for the Council action spelled out in D.C. Official Code § 1-523.01 (Mayoral Nominees) or in respective statutes.

This list shows boards by method of appointment.