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Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments

Join a Board or Commission

The Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments (MOTA) recruits talented and interested individuals from all eight Wards to implement Mayor Bowser’s pragmatic, inclusive and hands-on approach to creating pathways to the middle class and a fair shot for all District residents. District Boards and Commissions have key roles in advising District agencies and programs, regulating professions and industry as well as setting and shaping a variety of policy decisions.


District boards and commissions vary in size and complexity, yet all are designed to help shape and influence critical decisions and services for District residents. As a result, Board members must have experience, dedication and commitment to service. The Mayor makes appointments to over 180 different public bodies, including boards and commissions, independent agencies, advisory groups, task forces and organizations.


In this administration, Mayor Bowser implemented several enhancements to increase commissioner engagement with the District government, including, but not limited to:


  • Providing an email account for each commissioner to conduct her/his board function;
  • Increased training on board management, ethics and other subjects to ensure commissioners are properly trained,
  • Public posting of all Mayoral appointees to board and commissions, to allow residents from all eight Wards to learn more about and apply for membership on boards and commissions;
  • Active recruitment of potential commissioners using MOTA’s existing recruitment tactics; and
  • Improved pairing of board functions and target areas with the appropriate Deputy Mayor clusters, for better efficiency.


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